Using Personality Theory to Understand Yourself and Others

This course uses the personality theory developed by Terence Watts to help you discover who you are and help you understand other people better.  This helps with communication, confidence and stress management, as well as allowing you to access your most productive state of mind for each occasion.


The first part discusses trait theories of personality generally, individual differences and introduces Terence watts Personality theory.


The second part explains the logic behind the Warriors Settlers and Nomads categories and ties them to evolutionary psychology.  The differences between the characters are highlighted, showing how each represents a different part of personality and a different set of skills and resources.


The third part of the course helps you to identify these three separate characters within your own personality, using a simple questionnaire.


The fourth part discusses symbols and how we can use them and provides an exercise to help you create a useable symbol for each of the different parts of your personality.


When you understand how these different parts of your personality work together, you should also be able to recognise them in other people and understand better how to work with them.


This course is available as a Power Point or Word document and is suitable as an online course or a workshop.


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