Workplace wellbeing is an essential component of an organisation’s responsibility for the health and safety of their employees.   Training for Human Resources (HR) and other managers with responsibility for staff will ensure that an organisation has made efforts to manage the wellbeing of all staff.

We can provide Classroom face to face courses facilitated by an expert in the field of Workplace wellbieng. Workshops can be a useful way of training a number of staff in one session so that everyone has the opportunity to discuss any issues that may affect individuals or teams of workers. Assessments and reporting procedures can be established and methods of managing issues such as workplace stress, anxiety, work-life or work leisure balance, team building and communication and Display Screen Equipment (DSE) issues.


Online elearning and distance education can be a cost effective and time effective way of delivering training to all employees responsible for the wellbeing of employees, as well as providing courses for employees to learn to manage their own issues such as workplace stress, communication and time management.  A learning management system (LMS) can be put in place to manage the organisation’s training, or membership of a shared LMS can be arranged.