Environmental Training

The ISO 14001 is the Standard for Environmental Management. It is designed to apply to every type of organisation. It aims to identify and reduce the environmental impact of the organisation.  All organisations can find ways to reduce its impact on the environment.  This could be by energy efficiencies or reduction in waste.

ISO 14001 Training

Topics Discussed as part of Environmental Management Training

Operational Control 

This is the running of the organisation. It includes equipment maintenance and control of waste stream records.   These records demonstrate legal compliance

Environmental Aspects & Impacts

The main focus of ISO 14001 is Environmental impact analysis and forward planning to reduce environmental impact. There may be direct and indirect environmental aspects.  Energy use, waste, company vehicles, use of couriers/haulage and noise are some examples.

Legal Compliance Obligations & Evaluation

Identifying legislation and other requirements which apply to the organisation’s aspects are important.

Environmental Objectives & Continual Improvement

Continual improvement of the system is essential to the success of an environmental management system.   This can include setting measurable, achievable objectives based on the environmental aspects.


The whole organisation should be involved in managing the system.  Environmental Management Training plays a key role.  It can ensure that everyone in the organisation is aware of and follows the same procedures and practices. Online training courses can be a cost effective and efficient way of providing training. Every member of the organisation can have the information they need to help maintain the Environmental Management System.

For an example of one of our basic online courses, see our free training at https://digital.lorators.com/courses/iso-14001-awareness-employees/