Public Speaking

Many people find it uncomfortable speaking in front of groups of people, giving presentations or speeches. This may be because of past experiences but is just as likely to be connected to thoughts and beliefs about your ability, and how you believe other people think and feel.

Part 1

This course begins by discussing Personality, feelings, beliefs and thoughts that can become attached to the idea of public speaking.

Part 2

The second part looks at the link between biology, the fight or flight system and breathing.  The third part uses a technique from NLP called modelling, ad takes you step by step through and exercise to build confidence from within. The fourth part helps you to find and build on confidence you already possess, and the fifth part uses imagination for a step by step exercise to set new patterns of thinking and fix new beliefs into place. 

This course is available as a Power Point or Word document and can be used as an online course or workshop.


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