NLP: An Introduction

This course was written as a workshop presentation but will work in an LMS if there is an opportunity to share the exercises with colleagues.


Part one explains what NLP is and discusses the four basic principles, assumptions and generalizations that underpin the theory.


Part two discusses Rapport, what it is, how to build it and how to use it.


Part three looks at Language and communication, using the senses system, sight, Sound, Feeling, smell and taste. We talk about the world using language that reflects how we use our senses, and sometimes the people we are talking to experience the world in a different way because they are more aware of different senses.  A simple change in the words we use when taking to these people who are different to us can improve communication.


Part four looks at how we form thoughts and the link between the sense we use to understand the world.  We discuss how people delete, distort and generalise when using language, because we unconsciously assume other people know what we are thinking.


Part five explains the anchor technique for changing unhelpful mood states, and Timelines which are useful for putting things into perspective.  There are three exercises to help clarify how these techniques can be used.


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