Efficient Working Course

This short efficient working course is aimed at helping employees recognise ways they can become more efficient and effective in their work environments.  The course is divided into three parts addressing three different topics which when put together provide a framework for good health, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

This is a useful course for HR departments to use to demonstrate commitment to supporting all members of the organisation in their workplace roles.

Efficient Working Lessons

Lesson 1 includes the basics of health and wellbeing and discusses the topics of sleep, nutrition, exercise, a balanced life and mental health and mindset.  All topics are written from a perspective of what is realistic to achieve.

Lesson 2 discusses work practices, Time management, and the need for adequate breaks.

Lesson 3 focuses on working as part of a team and includes tips on organisation and leadership.  We also introduce Terence Watts Personality theory as a way of understanding personalities that are very different to our own.


This course is available as Power Point and Word documents and can be used in an LMS or as a workshop.



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