DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Basics

A simply written short course bringing together the main points of the Display Screen Equipment Regulations.  We draw your attention to the areas that need to be focused on to comply and suggest some ways that compliance can be achieved. We have broken the topics down into small blog sized lessons because it is often easier to absorb information in smaller chunks.

  1. An overview of the DSE Regulations.
  2. The suggested frequency and length of breaks and what you need to be aware of to avoid eye strain.
  3. The basics of DSE and how it applies to other work equipment.
  4. Topics for a checklist including use of a keyboard, mouse and screen.
  5. Topics for a checklist including software, furniture and the work environment.

Method: This course is available as a Power Point or Word document and is suitable for a workshop presentation or use in an LMS.

Target Learners:Workplace, all employees

Intended Learning Aims: A general knowledge of the Display Screen Equipment Regulations so that everyone can comply with them.

Methods of assessment:multiple choice answer Quiz.

Certificate of attendance:Yes.


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✅ Classroom


✅ All Staff

✅ Management Rep

✅ Leadership


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