5 ways to add value to your refresher training

Refresher training is provided to people who already have knowledge of the subject. It may be offered when information changes or needs updating, or it may just be a reminder of the things that have already been taught.   


1.   Emphasise the benefits

If learners are going to engage with refresher training, they must see it as being beneficial to them in some way. So, identify the benefits to the learner, such as greater working efficiency, promotion prospects, new knowledge or enhancing existing knowledge.


2.   Be clear on what will be learned

Be clear on why taking the refresher training is important. Is there new information, has existing information changed or is it just a reminder of what is already known?


3.   Make sure the presentation is attractive

There is nothing worse than wading through information you already know, so design is very important in gaining learner engagement. Try to avoid a lot of text. Use diagrams, charts and images as much as possible. Use multimedia, such as audio and video as well as text if possible. Break information down into small chunks.  


4.   Highlight new and changed information

Make sure anything that has changed or is new really stands out.  People tend to skip over things they think that they know. 


5.   Provide support and encouragement

Make sure learners are encouraged in a positive way to engage with the learning materials.  Provide the materials in a format that is easily accessible, make time in the workday to accommodate the training and if possible, offer some kind of reward for successful completion of the training. 


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